Desert calling!

The Europeans own the clock, the Africans own the time! (African saying)


Whoever does not know the desert and has never felt its breath will be filled with longing for a lifetime ... (Arabic proverb)


From time to time every person needs a little desert!

Because the overwhelming scenic beauty of the Sahara will change your life deep inside. Get to know and love the Tunisian desert!
Their seemingly infinite dunes form those pictures, which need no illusion  and inspire even experienced desert friends. Here you can irretrievably infect yourself with the "desert virus".

We do not want to visit Roman ruins and other tourist harbors on this trip - this is where absolutely and only desert and sand are in the foreground!

Meeting point for this tour is the port in Genoa!
By ferry from Europe to Africa and during the 24 hour crossing we have to fill in the various entry forms together.
Pictures from the tour


Arrived in Tunis, we set off for the south, overnight in a nice campsite with restaurant.

On the second day we will reach  Douz, the gateway to the Sahara!
There we have the opportunity to fill our supplies, to get to know our Tunisian guide and to enjoy the comforts of civilization for the last time.

Because tomorrow we will start in the solitude of the Sahara, in the Grand Erg Oriental! Aim: the legendary "lost lake"!

First we cross small dunes. The farther we advance southward, the greater they become. The dunes, in the quiet, cool, and star-shaped full moon nights, invite you to dream. Again and again camels cross our tracks.


Far too fast the time passes in the fascinating solitude in the hotel of the 1000 stars and we have to and back on the way back.

Surely with the firm intention to come again! For, as an Arabian proverb says, He who returns from the wilderness is no longer the same.


The tour route can be modified by unpredictable political and natural events.



Recommended equipment:


Robust off-road vehicle in good maintenance condition!

dune experience!!

SUITABLE TIRES to drive for a long time with far lower air pressure!!!

Pre-filter for air intake!

NO sports air filters!!

Good mood, teamwork
Camping equipment, catering, (on request can also be cooked together)
UKW radio !!
Drinking water for 9 days
Fuel for about 400km of sand!
Divers. spare parts, e.g. Air filter, V-belt, oil filter, engine oil
1 full spare wheel



Planning, organization and management through 4x4 Adventures
Authorization for the restricted area
Tunisian guide (if required)
Comprehensive information on land, travel, etc
All accommodations (campsites and wild camps)


Degree of difficulty: Red/Black








 October 27th - November 7th 2024 Fully booked!





1950, - € for 1 car with 1 person

 2250,- € for 1 car with 1 person, longer variant

  550, - € for each additional person





The specified time period shows the pure tour! From
the first to the last day of the tour! The ferry crossing needs to be added!


Minimum number of participants: 3 Vehicles

6 vehicles



Not included are:

The individual costs (fuel, food..)

Ferry crossing Genoa - Tunis - Genoa

Travel insurance





Should the minimum number of participants not be reached for an appointment we reserve the right to cancel the event at least 30 days before your tour.




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Pictures from the tour








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