Degrees of difficulty

Generally, we recommend the following additional equipment in any vehicle, regardless of the difficulty of the tour:
10 liter jerry can
Set of replacement bulbs
Flashlight (with fresh batteries!)
Recovery strap (no tow rope!)
Work gloves for any rider


Blue = easy

Prerequisite for the car:
These tours can usually be overcome easily with a standard SUV. Of course you can also join with a purebred 4x4 here!


Demands on the driver:
No off-road skills required. However, you should handle your vehicle well, know the dimensions and limits!
In electronic characteristics (eg disconnectable ABS, differential lock, etc) you should at least know what you have all "on board".


Trail character:
Mainly gravelled paths or simple forest paths. No special climb and descent, no deep water crossings.
Due to the weather, the ground but be quite slippery!



Red = medium difficulty


Prerequisite for the car:
For these tours, we recommend a full-fledged 4x4 with appropriate tires (please not just street tires!), Reasonable tread depth and a spare of the same type!
Especially in forest paths scratches are not excluded!
The sensitive parts of the car should be protected.
In addition, equipment should be on board:
Recovery strap with a minimum of 4m length and minimum breaking load 3t
2 reasonable sized shackle

Demands on the driver:
You should have offroad experience, command of their vehicle in the field and know how to deal with reduction and locks.
The use of lifting becket and spade should not be new to you.


Trail character:
Narrow, often extended way entanglement with larger passages.
Steep slopes, deep water crossings. The substrate can be deep muddy or sandy.



Black = heavy


Prerequisite for the car:
Only full-fledged 4x4 with excellent off-road tires.
Useful additional equipment:
Winch, Baumgurt, further recovery strap with shackles, traction, hand or chainsaw


Demands on the driver:
You should have attended a seminar for advanced students or have a lot of experience in the field. Here you will be pushed to your limits!


Trail character:
Mostly rough, sometimes not trafficked terrain with heavy vegetation. Mud, clay, mud, extreme entanglement and steep passages. Deep water, large stones. Recovery strap and winchs are constantly in use.



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