Island of the Nuraghes

10 days offroad-adventure on Sardinia

Closer to the African continent than to Europe - and yet  is just remotely a few hours of restful sleep in the belly of the ferry: Sardinia!
And anyone who thinks the charms of the second largest island in swanky marinas exhausted and jet-set crowds along the emerald green sparkling coastline, more wrong! Maybe it's the convenience of yacht captains, that is known about the exciting interior of the island unappreciated beauty so little. For us, it should in any case be right because that it has retained much of its original character and you do not feel the same without gold bracelet misplaced.

Because following the old Sardinian mythology, God had created the world with all its lands and seas, just a little scrub and some boulders were left to him. These he threw into the sea and came to them with his foot. From the Ichnusa (footprint, identical shape of the island) is an island with all imaginable types of landscape, a small continent Sardinia. Now he took to the refinement of the remaining, already finished creation the best each and distributed it on the barren rocky island.

And towards the end of our exploring this beautiful island and the last doubts are removed: this "continent in miniature" is worth one- or rather several - travel (s)!
The coast with a length of 1800 km offers picture-book beaches, rocky coves and bizarre huge dune areas with lagoons. Inland, the landscape diversity continues with craggy mountains, volcanoes, mesas and plateaus, which are reminiscent of Africa, caves and springs and, incidentally, the deepest canyon in Europe! Besides unspoilt mountain landscape we drive through picturesque villages and marvel early Stone Age settlements.


Pictures from the tour


We roam the island on the trail of the Nuraghes, the indigenous people of this picturesque isle, remember their presence in 1000 several years ago probably unique round towers. On beautiful scenic roads and challenging off-road tracks, nature trails and narrow, winding our way repeatedly in the mountainous interior and back to the coast, where we camp at night.

In addition to spectacular caves and romantic natural beauty, abandoned mines and ghost towns, including the Dolomites and the remote Sardinian Costa Verde with the highest dunes in Europe (Non-navigable! Nature reserve!) will be our goals.
Breathtaking views and wonderful nature experiences will long to let this encounter with the "footprint of God" remember, with the firm resolve: We will be back!




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Degree of difficulty: Blue/Red





may 8th - 17th 2024      Fully booked!





1090, - € for 1 vehicle with 1-2 persons


Minimum number of participants: 3 Vehicles
Maximum: 6 vehicles



Not included are:

The individual costs of participants (fuel, food, accommodation ...)
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Should the minimum number of participants not be reached for an appointment we reserve
the right to cancel the event up to 30 days before tour start.



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Pictures from the tour






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