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We are on tour on beautiful Sardegna from may 7th - may 19th 2019!

For any delay in answering mails during this period we ask for understanding!

Difficulty Tourname Region Date
 January 2019      
 February 2019      
 March 2019      
 red  Kingdom of the Maghreb  Morocco 16th-30th/april 8th
 April 2019      
 red  Kingdom of the Maghreb  Morocco  08th -22nd/27th
 May 2018      
 red  Island of the Nuraghes  Sardinia  08th-17th
 June 2019      
 red/black  Pure Offroad  Romania  3rd - 8th
 red/black  Hard but heartily!  Romania  10th - 15th
 red/black  Carpathian Scout Tour  Romania  17th - 26th
 July 2019      
 August 2019      
 red/black  Carpathian Scout Tour Romania  7th - 16th
 red/black  Carpathian Scout Tour  Romania  19th - 28th
September 2019      
red/black  Hard but heartily Romania  2nd - 6th
 blue  Above the clouds  Alps  2nd-7th
 blue  Above the clouds  Alps  9th - 14th
 red/black  Pure Offroad!  Romania  9th - 14th
 red  Borderliner  SRB/BG  16th - 25th
 October 2019      
 November 2019      
 red/black  Desert calling! Tunisia 3rd - 14th
 December 2019      
 red  Kingdom of the Maghreb Morocco  21st-4th/8th
 January 2020      
 red    Mauretania jan. 8th - febr 1st
 February 2020      
 March 2020      
 red  Kingdom of the Maghreb  Morocco  march 14th - april 1st
 April 2020      
 red  Kingdom of the Maghreb  Morocco  1st - 15th/20th



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