Kingdom of the Maghreb Classic

Dreamlike adventuretour in Morocco

I have always loved the
desert, said the little prince.

You sit on a sandy dune.

You see nothing, you hear

And meanwhile something gleams
in the silence.

Antoine de Saint Exupéry


Morocco, fabulous fairyland and unknown kingdom! From here, in the 8th Century, the Moorish
conquest wave grabbed over Spain.
An unexplored and closed up country, a few centuries ago, where many Jews lived among Arabs, Moors and Berbers, but Christians were barely tolerated.

Today, however, we experience at any of our trips the exact opposite: in almost any other North African country and we feel included so friendly and unobtrusive welcome as here!


Morocco also is undoubtedly one of the kindest scenic countries in the world with a wealth of
variety, seeking his own kind! Some landscapes reminiscent of Iceland volcanic mountains black, to the other Mediterranean Sardinia with granite rocks and green vegetation, others even like Central European mountains with green hills and forests. And,not to forget, the diverse desert landscapes: red and black stone desert, brown, and white scree, golden and red sandy deserts with high dunes, sand dunes, Queds and much more - a diversity that is simply impossible to describe, you just have to have seen it!


Pictures from the tour


Our tour starts in the port Tanger Med, where we first have to endure amused the seemingly chaotic entry procedure and after that, we will have our joy with the Moroccan fuel prices. Then it's finally going south!

Our goal is to Fez, the oldest of the four royal cities. This enchanting, Oriental lively city attracts us immidiately and at a Dinner in one of the most beautiful old merchant houses we feel truly back in the tale of 1ooo1 nights! After a night in a comfortable hotel and a rich breakfast buffet, which leaves nothing to be desired, we will go for a stroll through the bustling labyrinth of the old town, where we can experience authentic and true craftsmanship and market life a hundred years ago.


Then it draws us further into the peace and quiet of the fantastic slopes over the middle and high Atlas and we head towards the sandy south near the Algerian border. Stony gravel roads or deep sandy stretches along the dunes challenge our driving skills. Sunsets with impressive play of colours indemnify us abundantly for the jolting and the one time or another free blades.



Then we go on, on partly challenging slopes towards the mountains, with two wildly romantic gorges with spectacular views into the canyon, abandoned Kasbahs and settlements of red clay buildings lie high above the river and its oases.



After leaving the mountains, the route takes us back to the east.

Marrakech, the "Pearl of the Orient", the "Red City", formerly was a storage place for caravans We explore the vast souks and tanners, potters, visit magnificent former residences and Pasha Djemaa el Fna, stroll over the the place of the beheaded with his Jugglers, snake charmers and steaming food stalls.

In a nice hotel we have again the opportunity to enjoy all the amenities of civilization to the full!


Slowly, our route takes us back towards the Mediterranean and ferry and we have to say goodbye to this stunningly beautiful country.

Especially the nights in "Hotel of 1000 Stars" under the desert sky, among the experiences that they will last a lifetime not forget - as an Arab proverb tells us: "What can a man wish for more than the
privilege of every night sleep under a sheltering sky, a sky dotted with millions of stars that illuminate to enlighten his dreams about? The desert appears eternal to those, which inhabit it and represent eternity to those, who know how to indulge in it. "


! New: This tour also can be booked with an extension week! Please inquire!


Possible ferries for the trip are:

Genoa - Tangier Med

Barcelona - Tangier Med

Tarifa - Tangier Med

We gladly take the booking for you if you wish!




The end of this tour may change due to unforeseen events

(Washed away roads, flooded bridges, etc.)




Recommended equipment:


good humor, teamwork, camping equipment, meals (on request can also be
cooked together)

UKW radio


Robust off-road vehicle in good maintenance condition!

dune experience!!

SUITABLE TIRES to drive for a long time with far lower air pressure!!!

Pre-filter for air intake!

NO sports air filters!!

Spare parts such as Air filters, fan belts, oil filter, engine oil,

Tire repair kit, sand shovel

Reserve fuel canisters 

1 full-size spare

Recommended: compressor, sand sheets

Major spare parts and tools



The specified time period shows the pure tour, from the first to the
last day of the tour! The shipment needs to be added!



Planning, organization and management by 4x4 Adventures

Comprehensive information in advance to country, check etc

All accommodation (2x hotel, rest of campsites and wild camps)

All entrance fees for attractions visited

Providing recovery equipment

Breakdown assinstance

Tour operators liability and insolvency insurance


Degree of difficulty: Red






   december 18th 2024 - january 6th 2025  3 places left!


   march 17th - april 5th 2025




2150, - € for 1 car with 1 person ( 2week-tour)

550, - € for each additional person

750,- additional week/car


Minimum number of participants: 3 Vehicles

Maximum: 6 vehicles


Not included are:

The individual costs of participants (fuel, food ...)

Travel insurance

Ferry crossing




Should the minimum number of participants not be reached for an appointment we reserve the right to cancel the event at least 30 days before your tour.



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Pictures from the tour





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