Above the clouds

The great Alpine Crossing

An Alpine Crossing in the south of France, a furious potpourri of nature, culture and French love of life awaits you on our tour across the Alps and into the fascinating southern France.


Entry into the mountains we find west of Turin and experience on the first day is a highlight of all alpine tours: Assietta the ridge road.

As a result, we change again between Italy and France back and forth, cross the adventurous tunnel at Grand Parpaillon and marvel at the ever-changing scenery along the way. In between, we are also making a trip to one of the many forts.

Another highlight of this tour is the Grande Dame of off-road mountain roads: the Ligurian border ridge road. We ride in the most beautiful variant from south to north and so experience the dramatic change of scenery, the us stop in wonder again and again and can enjoy nature. Hidden trails through the National Park of Mercantour bring us deep in the French Alps and we admire the stunning architecture of the adhesive on the steep slopes, tucked-away mountain villages. Marmot whole pack to accompany our way high up in the Grana Stura, where we find the culmination of our crossing of the Alps.


With the Mediterranean in sight, we have to go spoiled for choice at the beach or relax in a lovely street café in the picturesque Tende.

What offers in here panoramas can also be the well-traveled Alps driver's heart with joy overflowing. Drought words can describe the amazing diversity of this stiff train hardly, only a small extract still images. Only the travel album of personal experience is large enough to keep them safely to treasure this unique journey for a long time. If you also have a heart for the great outdoors and some explorers blood rushing through your veins, you will also confirm the end: one of the best tours in your life!


Pictures rom the tour


Degree of difficulty: Blue



Planning, organization and implementation by 4x4 Adventures

Visit various historical forts

Tour operators liability and insolvency insurance

Providing recovery equipment





september 4th - 9th 2023 Fully booked!


september 2rd - 7th 2024




950, - € for 1 vehicle with 1-2 persons


Minimum number of participants: 3 Vehicles

Maximum: 6 vehicles



Not included are:

The individual costs of participants

Travel insurance





Should be the minimum number of participants not be reached for an appointment we reserve the right to cancel the event at least 30 days before your tour.


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