The great freedom

4x4 travel tours to the most beautiful destinations in Europe and northern Afrika

Traveling with a 4x4-car - the extraordinary holiday, pure adventure!
So exciting and unique, so close to nature and people as diverse and exciting!
No hotel will ever have so many stars as the sky above the secluded camp site, no travel guide mentions the goals we are able to achieve with our cars!
Landscapes and views, so beautiful that it tingles all over your body!
You want to hold that vision and never let it go!
You could not share it now with like-minded people, you would almost burst!
Sometime we fight our way through rough terrain and overcome passages where you have only the alternative of reversing as solo drivers.
Down there? Never! There's no way!
Yes, we can!
With our small groups we deal with almost everything - together!
We shovel, saw, secure, winch and with the right admissions everyone wins the sense of achievement to have mastered the section without prejudice to his car!
Even if you usually only earn an uncomprehending headshaking from  the average package tourist :
Who has not experienced it can not know what he missed!






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