Winching-, Recovery- and Backup-Training

Who has never get stuck, has never driven real offroad!


Whether in mud, sand or rocky terrain: situations where no or no risk-free continue on own power is possible are an integral part of the off-road driving - whether you like it or not!


Even more important than the recovery of a vehicle is often the backup in dangerous situations!

The correct assessment of the situation and action is adapted here almost vital for every off-roader!


In this seminar, we dedicate ourselves to a whole day problem situations, the solution and the associated equipment!


Some of the accessories market offers tools, but what is reasonable and what is not?



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One of the most frequently purchased accessories for 4x4s is a winch. In conjunction with a special pliers shock the vehicle also gets such a martial appearance that arises no doubt as to the serious use of the car for the casual observer.


But winches are expensive and there are major differences in the performance. They are alone in not a panacea "muddled" situations (what if no tree in the vicinity, or he is calculated behind the car?).


In our 1-day seminar we show you not only the right and safe handling winches and meaningful and necessary accessories, but also show the application of low-cost alternatives.



Besides the practical exercises we will also detail the physical and technical principles, so that at the end of the day you are able to continue independently use the tools appropriate to the situation.



A full-fledged 4x4 with good off-road tires is required, preferably with mounted winch!

Bringing all possibly existing tools and recovery equipment is recommended!


Training location:

 01979 Lauchhammer, Lusatia (100km south of Berlin)




1 days of mounting-, winch- and safety training in theory and practice with experienced instructors of 4x4 Adventures

Day pass for use of the respective travel site

Certificate for each participant




under construction!




159, - € for 1 car with 1 person

 25, - € for each additional person



Minimum number of participants: 3 Vehicles

Maximum: 8 vehicles


Not included are:


The individual costs of the participants (except those explicitly listed)

Travel insurance




Should be the minimum number of participants not be reached for an appointment we reserve the right to cancel the event at least 30 days before the event.




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Pictures from trainings







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