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Offroad-driving-trainings for beginners and advanced drivers

In photos and in advertising it always looks quite simple: a SUV, covered with mud, fights with wild side tilt down a greasy slope. Sure, these cars were built for that. But did someone tell you in the driving school anything about reduction, differential lockers, tilt angle or fording?

We assume that even thesmartly dressed salesman in the dealership of your choice at the handover of the car has also failed it?
If you now want to investigate the natural desire and lead your beautiful 4x4 in its traditional territory off the road, you should not only know all these terms, but also the right moment to put it in the correct order.
Otherwise you run the risk of an very unwanted adventure with your insurance company. No matter whether you leave for the first time the familiar tar or already have some experience in rough terrain feature: if you want to learn, we can help you.

The professional editors of a prestigious four-wheel magazine valued our trainings as "highly recommended"!
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