Sandroses and Saharapists

The Europeans own the clock, the Africans own the time! (African saying)

The stunning natural beauty of the desert will change the lives deep within you. Get to know and love the Tunisian Sahara with us!


Their endless dunes that form our beautiful scenery that needs no deception or illusion, and even enthusiastic experienced desert friends. Here you can infect irretrievably as a starter with the "Desert virus".


Meeting point is the port of Genoa on Saturday by 16 o´clock! Then we set over from Europe to Africa.
First impressions oriental amaze us already here! During the 24-hour crossing there will be time to attune to the Arab mentality and fill in the various immigration forms together.


Arrived in Tunis we will be staying in a hotel near the port. During an evening walk followed by dinner we tune us to the Oriental Africa.

After breakfast at the hotel we refuel our cars with low fuel Tunisian and depart towards the south.




Pictures from the tour


The Roman ruins of Dougga are our first stop. After sightseeing and lunch, we seek to place our first camp in the shadow of Table Mountain.

At 9 o´ clock, the morning start time, we travel the next day. A campsite in Tozeur is the goal. Here the stocks are replenished, as it now is, three days to be self-sufficient.

On the way to the Sahara we visit the camel rock and the scenes of the movie "Star Wars." After that, the first proving round is waiting for us: Will we make the crossing of the Chott El Jerid? In this infinite flat surface we want to build our camp for the night.


Today the first dunes of the Grand Erg Oriental are waiting for us. After reduction of air pressure and briefing about driving in sand dunes, the adventure can begin. First we cross small dune fields. The farther we advance to the south, the greater they are! The dunes camps in the quiet,
cool and starry full moon nights, invite you to dream. Again and again camels are crossing our tracks. In certain places, we find the famous sand roses, and collect for which a home.

Inventories draw to an end. In the town of Douz we cultivate at a nice campsite. The oriental market fills our inventories, including local produce,
for the next few days on.


The route leads to Table Mountain Tembain. About slopes, past the Desert Cafe by dune fields, we travel to the mountain. Skill and courage is needed, because the dunes are now getting higher. But we have learned a lot down in the sand, and so we once again enjoy the sand and surf, the quiet nights, then the oasis of Ksar Ghilane is reached. In the pool we can cool off and refresh in one of the cafes, tea and cafe.


Gradually, the idea of ​​the journey home moves closer and closer. From now on, the compass needle points to the north only. About the Jabal al Barani, with its magnificent mountain scenery, the trail leads back to Tunis.
Here, the still remaining dinars can be exchanged for spices, fuel or other.

With our now appropriated Arab composure, we handle the paperwork out confidently and take the 24-hour voyage. Friday night we end up in Genoa and then have enough time for the last few miles to our home base.


The tour itinerary can be changed due to unforeseen political events and natural events such as dust storm, navigability of the bulkhead or the sand.


The trip is also designed to run on gasoline Off Roaders and SUV's, only with reduction.


The tour guide will bring:

sand sheets, divers. Tailings, compressor, GPS
navigation, portable radios, for evening 2flame gas cooker for heating of prepared dishes


The participant should bring:

good humor, teamwork, camping equipment, small cooker
for breakfast coffee, water, food (it can also be cooked together, menu
proposal is made)

Spare parts such as Air filters, fan belts, oil
filter, engine oil, tire repair kit, sand shovel

2 jerry can 20 liter off-roader with a petrol engine

1 jerry can 20 liter off-roader with a diesel engine



The specified time period shows the pure tour! From
the first to the last day of the tour! The ferry crossing needs to be added!




Degree of difficulty: Blue / Red





Planning, organization and implementation of an
experienced guide from 4x4 Adventures

2x hotel accommodation

3x camping overnight







October 18th - 30th/November 6th 2015






1100, - € for 1 car with 1 person

  400, - € for each additional person

 495,- additional week


Minimum number of participants: 3 Vehicles

6 vehicles



Not included are:

The individual costs of participants

Ferry crossing Genoa - Tunis - Genoa

Travel insurance





Should the minimum number of participants not be reached for an appointment we reserve the right to cancel the event at least 30 days before your tour.




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Pictures from the tour








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